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  • Provide a superior, dependable cleaning service for our clients.
  • Improve the environments and lives of the people we serve.
  • Grow a successful company that values its employees, encourages them to take pride in their work, and helps develop their full potential.


My name is Julie Schulz, and I am the owner of JNJ Services.

I have been cleaning since I was a young girl. I grew up in a large family on a farm in northern Illinois. I learned the value of hard work at an early age. My primary responsibility was housework. My first cleaning job was for my great grandmother on the weekends. During college, I earned spending money by commuting on public transportation to a residential cleaning job. I have always preferred my personal environment to be neat, orderly, and clean. I instinctively know how to achieve it.

In adulthood I became a minister’s wife and a young mother. I wanted to contribute financially and still maintain flexibility to my family’s needs and schedule. So, I cleaned houses for income. I was employed by a variety of people; busy professionals, people who needed extra help while caring for a sick or elderly family member. Through these experiences, I developed a sense of satisfaction in serving others, easing their load, and improving their environments.

Several years ago, I expanded my cleaning services to include commercial clients. Some associates in the commercial cleaning business encouraged me to use my experience and expertise to grow my business. I acquired my first commercial account in May 2010. Soon I added other commercial accounts. In 2012 Just Julie Cleaning Service was renamed JNJ Services.

Today, I find great joy in servicing my clients. I am excited about the growth of my cleaning company and eager to face the challenges that go along with providing excellent quality and dependable service, which are the trademarks of JNJ Services.