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What will you charge to clean our building?
We charge according to the services you request. So that amount will vary. However, you will be charged the same price each time unless you request additional tasks beyond what we have priced you for.


Will I get the same person and/or team every time?
We cannot guarantee it, but we can make a considerable effort to have your regular cleaning associate(s) at your business site.


Will you be one of those “trash and dash” cleaning companies?
No. We are an efficient, professional cleaning company that takes great care and pride in our work and our company. Your satisfaction is a priority to us.


Do I have to pick up work areas or offices before you come?
No. We will just work around your stuff if we need to. However, keep in mind that we can do the best job in a clear area.


How do you handle entry?
We can do whatever you need. Of course, a key or entry code provides us the freedom to complete the job without bothering you. We are licensed, bonded and insured.


What if there is more work than expected?
A supervisor will give you a call. If we have time to do more at that visit we will and you can just pay an additional fee. Or, we can schedule a return visit in order to complete all the tasks.


Is there a supervisor on every job?
Our employees are required to report to their supervisor at the start and completion of every job performed for each day. If additional assistance is needed, a supervisor is “on call” 24 hours a day to assist our cleaning teams.


What time of day will you arrive?
We typically clean your building while you or your employees are away so that there is the least amount of disruption. If you want us on site during regular business hours, that can be accommodated.